Advice to increase your safety

Trust your instinct

Everyday you arrange meetings with all sorts of people. Sometimes you know them well, sometimes you don’t. Maybe you’ve never met them before, like when you are going on a date or meeting a business associate. Most of the time you would have no reason to be worried, but occasionally you might feel a little bit unsure about the person you are going to meet. If this is the case then you need to think carefully about whether you really need to meet the person in the first place and possibly cancel the appointment. Check Communication tips for practical examples for cancelling an engagement in a pleasant way.

If you feel you need to keep the appointment it might be wise to go along with someone else or have them stay close at hand just in case feel unsafe. That’s not always going to be possible through and if you have to go or want to go alone then Safecall can help provide you with a little more piece of mind.

To use Safecall in an effective way, set up Safecall before leaving the house, and enter all details that you know beforehand, like name, address, e-mail, phone number and Facebook or LinkedIn profile. Any other data like company name or incense plate number are also useful data to store. In any case, store information on the place or location you are going to. In addition, make sure that your phone is well charged so you can use your phone at any time – not only to switch Safecall on or off, but also to be able to call a taxi, friends, or 112 (in the EU, 911 in US and Canada).

In a situation where you feel unsafe, always keep your phone at hand to be able to call 112.