Safecall: the personal security app

What is Safecall?

The word ‘Safecall’ is sometimes used to refer to a special phone call people make, in which they let friends and family know they're going out or meeting a new date, and promise to call again when they're back home safe.

With the Safecall app, you no longer need to tell beforehand what you're up to, which prevents inquisitive questions and concerns people may have, yet at the same time you make sure that friends and family can find out where you've been if something goes wrong.

The app allows you to conveniently enter details about a person you're going to meet and the place where the meeting takes place. Safecall stores this information in a secure database, and also tracks your gps position. When you're back home, you simply sign off in the Safecall app before the alarm runs out which you've previously set (you will get a reminder for this). The stored information is then only sent to your own e-mail address.

But if something goes wrong, and you're not capable of signing off in time, the information will be sent by e-mail to your contact persons, even when your phone has stopped working.


Who is Safecall for?

Safecall is useful for everyone who sometimes find themselves in a potentially vulnerable or unsafe situation:







In addition Safecall is very useful for hitchhikers, for certain business occasions or any other situation where you are meeting people whose intentions you're not sure of.  

Safecall gives you piece of mind while you enjoy your freedom. Download the Safecall app for iPhone now - for yourself, or your children!


























































































This is how Safecall works